A native of eastern Long Island, artist John Rist has spent most of his life around the water and it's no wonder that his art reflects that experience.

Mr. Rist makes fish.

Of course, it's not enough to say that he makes fish. What he does is rather difficult to define in words. Rist takes plywood, old beach fencing, firring strips, acrylic paint and assorted items of hardware and transforms it into spectacular rough hewn, bas relief, polychrome sculptures that, on sight, take you down to the sea.

The works are an exciting and vibrant combination; primitive yet sophisticated; impressionistic yet anatomically accurate; folk art woodcarving and at the same time, masterfully rendered paintings. But however you define them, they are stunning creations that celebrate the beauty of the oceans.

Some of John Rist's works are on loan to the Plaza Café and will be displayed in the dining room through 2007.

Mr. Rist can be reached at : (631) 283-7806

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